AV Technology Manager's Guide to Workplace 2023 (and ISE Best of Show Award Winners)

The AV Technology Manager’s Guide to Workplace 2023
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41 AV/IT Industry Leaders Share Workplace AV Insight: Best practices for ensuring meeting equity for all employees and how to deliver the best collaboration experience regardless of location.

 35 Products: AV/IT enterprise-worthy products: audio, video, collaboration, presentation, and connectivity

AV/IT Team: An East Coast advertising firm builds on its recent success with conferencing technology.

5 Case Studies: Five use-cases that are ready for workers to return to the office.

SPECIAL INSERT: Winners of Best of Show at Integrated Systems Europe 2023 for AV Technology

The staff of AV Technology serves the community of decision-makers comprising AV/IT technology managers and directors, instructional technologists, and anyone making or influencing AV/IT technology decisions within their respective facilities and institutions.