AV Technology Manager's Guide to the State of AVoIP

AV Technology Manager’s Guide to the State of AVoIP
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33 AV industry Thought Leaders share their views on the state of networked AV and control. There are many common threads: All agree that networked AV is scalable and can offer flexibility. Almost unanimously, experts also recommend software-based solutions and a solid cabling infrastructure. And then there are some starkly different opinions.

AV/IT Teams: The University of Houston recently updated the projection mapping content for its basketball team, the Houston Cougars, creating a dramatic, on-court pre-game show at the Fertitta Center. And for the win, the solution is AVoIP.

31 products that set the standard for networked AV. Ease of deployment and configuration, ease of use, remote management, and monitoring are signatures of today’s networked AV solutions.

Three case studies demonstrate the power of networked AV. A school of medicine incorporates surgical grand rounds as an integral component of its curriculum. | New tech and processes throughout a daycare center help keep admin and parents connected all while empowering children with digital tools to learn and explore. | An IP-based video matrix makes a sports bar video wall upgrade painless, and easy to use for end-users. 


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