AV Technology Manager's Guide to Collaboration Near and Far

AV Technology Manager's Guide to Collaboration Near and Far
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44 AV/IT Industry Thought Leaders (opens in new tab) responded when we asked them to share insight into the elements and culture of creating equitable collaboration environments near and far. And with this, a conversation about workplace culture has come to the fore.

2 AV/IT Teams: (opens in new tab)At the University of Chile, hybrid classrooms have motivated professors to explore new teaching methods and make their courses more attractive and engaging. | Gettysburg College uses technology to support student learning and give them the sense of community they so often look for when coming to campus.

6 Case Studies: (opens in new tab) A communication system enables factory tour guides to speak at a normal volume with a two-way communication option. | A space designed to double as an agile collaboration room and a lunch-and-learn room. | A design solution for NASA seamlessly integrates into its new control center remodel. | A Training Center created to serve multiple teams simultaneously. | 72 classrooms allow students and teachers to make wireless presentations from any of their devices. | A video wall displays real-time data from an acoustic surveillance technology that incorporates audio sensors to detect, locate, and alert police agencies of incidents, allowing a quicker response.

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