AV Technology Manager's Guide to All Things Audio

AV Technology Manager's Guide to All Things Audio
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Whether corporate or higher ed, ensuring high-quality, intelligible audio is the key to success for the hybrid experience. Poor-quality audio interrupts the flow of the conversation, hinders productivity, and contributes to fatigue among meeting participants. As one of our thought leaders so succinctly responded, "A meeting without video is still a meeting; a meeting without audio is cancelled."

3 AV/IT Teams: UoM’s School of Business offers action-based learning to equip students for a high-tech future in business. | How headsets helped Edina bring meeting and lesson audio closer to their ears. | At Full Sail, a complete AV-over-IP solution allows audio, video, and control data to be transported over standard 1GB.

26 Thought Leaders: We reached out to industry experts to share some audio best practices or advice on everything from the setup of mics, speakers, room acoustics, and network connectivity.

7 Case Studies: Seven case studies demonstrate how well-planned and designed audio can combat the worst issues, including all in-person participants crowding around a speakerphone, people talking over each other, and remote participants unable to hear in-person participants.

36 Audio Products that Matter: Customizable audio solutions, wall and table speakerphones, beamforming ceiling microphone arrays, networked audio processors and amplifiers, Dante audio interfaces, conferencing bars, audio DSP solutions, streaming audio, and much more!


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