Absen Helps Systems Integrators Reach Growing Virtual Product Market with New Product Line

Absen booth at NAB 2023
(Image credit: Future)

According to Brian Macauto, Director of Virtual Production at Absen, the virtual production market size is on pace to reach $3.1 billion globally by 2026. It’s no surprise that Absen has developed a new category brand, AbsenLive, devoted to developing high-end LED displaysexpressly for systems integrators interested in doing more business in the category. 

At NAB, Macauto outlined some of the technologies in the AbsenLive portfolio, focusing much of his commentary on the Pixel Reality (PR) Series. “Unlike a traditional LED wall, an LED wall used in virtual production applications needs to look amazing on camera,” Macauto relates. It’s no small feat to accomplish this level of imaging quality, but based on attendee response at Absen’s NAB exhibit, it appears as if they’ve nailed it. Plus, with its exceptionally high scan rates, deep color space, high refresh rate, and accurate luminance and color temperature, the Pixel Reality (PR) Series is well-poised for all applications of extended reality, including immersive messaging in corporate and retail spaces. Customization is another perk of the AbsenLive portfolio. Integrators can choose the appropriate pixel pitch, screen size, and more to meet the unique production requirements of each project.

During an exclusive interview with Absen Director of Virtual Production Brian Macauto, we explore the tremendous business opportunities for systems integrators in the virtual production market. Absen’s new category brand AbsenLive along with a full portfolio of uniquely designed and engineered displays are helping integrators break into this burgeoning business.

For more information about AbsenLive’s new Pixel Reality Series and other innovative display technologies, visit www.usabsen.com

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