Why universities need to prioritize network management (eCampus News)

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"Technological advances have created unsurpassed strains on the networks of higher education institutions, especially research facilities. Universities and colleges need to stay competitive by offering exceptional online services (digital textbooks, online courses, etc.) and providing an “always accessible” experience for students—especially those conducting in-depth research projects. This becomes more challenging in the wake of smartphones, tablets, and laptops that invade institutional networks on a daily basis. Throw in a combination of public and private networks and the situation gets even more complex. "—Source: eCampus News

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Make sure you aren’t operating in a silo; don't get complacent; and ensure that upgrades can be customized. These are a few key takeaways this smart eCampus article on next-level network management. Bottom line: stay proactive! —Eduwire Editors