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The Dangerous Myth of the “All-in-One” LMS (LearnDash)

The Dangerous Myth of the “All-in-One” LMS (LearnDash)

"I don’t know when it happened but at some point in human history a very smart marketer created the concept of “all-in-one”. The premise being that you only need to purchase the one item and nothing else. The product will literally do everything you need. It clearly worked so well that we see the same marketing tactic used today in nearly every industry. From software to kitchen products, the all-in-one moniker still has a strangle-hold on our purchasing psyches."—Source: LearnDash

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While all-in-one solutions offer a level of ease, they often don’t allow for flexibility and you may face shortcomings with an LMS that is trying to do it all. —Eduwire Editors