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Exploring Sacred Centers through Virtual Reality (EDUCAUSE Review)

Exploring Sacred Centers through Virtual Reality (EDUCAUSE Review)

"The Sacred Centers in India project, a digital archive of Hindu Gaya and Buddhist Bodh Gaya, began in April 2013 at the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi)1 at Hamilton College. Through an interdisciplinary and collaborative archive, this project seeks to examine the complex historical development of these two sites. The first phase of the project, from 2013 to 2018, focused exclusively on the development of a multilayered archive of material remains housed in the twenty Hindu shrines and temples of Gaya. Equally important during this phase was to develop a 3D and a VR model for pedagogical purposes. The second phase will focus on completing the archive by including data from thirty-five additional shrines and temples."—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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Thanks to virtual reality students at Hamilton College can experience sacred Hindu shrines and temples in India without leaving campus. This project helps students put rituals and the historical importance of the sites in context. —Eduwire Editors