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Elevate the Cybersecurity Agenda on Campus (EdTech Magazine)

Elevate the Cybersecurity Agenda on Campus (EdTech Magazine)

"To IT experts in higher education, the need to step up security efforts is clear. But that perception is not always shared by institutional leaders, particularly at colleges where CIOs and CISOs don’t have a seat at the senior leadership table and may lack opportunities to influence strategic investment. Research in CDW’s “The Cybersecurity Insight Report,” for example, indicates organizations that have a dedicated security expert are significantly more likely to see risk management budgets increase from year to year."—Source: EdTech Magazine

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Strategic cybersecurity is critically important for institutional IT teams, but it can be hard to make the case to those outside your sphere. You may need to tap into the power of big data to manage risks, start the conversation, and keep the campus community engaged and informed. —Eduwire Editors