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Deeper Thinking about Active Learning (Faculty Focus)

Deeper Thinking about Active Learning (Faculty Focus)

"I keep worrying that we’re missing the boat with active learning. Here’s why. First, active learning isn’t about activity for the sake of activity. I fear we’ve gotten too fixated on the activity and aren’t as focused as we should be on the learning. We’re still obsessed with collecting teaching techniques—all those strategies, gimmicks, approaches, and things we can do to get students engaged. But what kind of engagement does the activity promote? Does it pique student interest, make them think, result in learning, and cultivate a desire to know more? Or is it more about keeping basically bored students busy?"—Source: Faculty Focus

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Active learning can open new, more personalized pathways to understanding, but students still need encouragement to stay on the path and move forward. —Eduwire Editors