What a Systems Integrator Firm Needs to Attract Clients

Your system integration services are more valuable than ever for businesses from all industries. Digital transformation is leading edge in every area, and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to mix their services and processes into the same stack. Because brands are more susceptible to integrating components and tools that maintain their operations running smoothly, the pro AV space evolved. 

You compete with dozens, or maybe even hundreds, or integration firms to attract clients, so the question is how can you draw their attention?

Extensive Knowledge

Why do integrators fail? Lack of knowledge leads to failures, errors, issues, challenges, and problems. Prospects are looking for firms that have extensive knowledge in pro AV to avoid all the above complications. 

To convince them to hire you, you must prove them you understand how systems integration works, and offer them solutions to possible issues.


It may be surprising to find out that with so much emphasis on digital, end users want to know see their system integration providers in person. While this may not be your go-to strategy  during the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face meetings will be key once we return to our normal operations.

Depending on where your services stand in the marketplace, you’ll choose the right approach when choosing the live events you’ll attend. If you’re an early-stage business, live events are an opportunity to showcase your clients the wow-solutions you and your team bring to the table.  

For companies in a mature stage, face-to-face interactions generate sales leads. Planning is essential because you need to reach out to the public in advance to ensure they’ll attend the same events, like the AV/IT Summit, that you're attending.

High-Value Content

To establish your reputation as a top-level integration firm, you need to develop a steady program of high-quality content that will facilitate your long-term relationship with your clients. You need to tell better stories than your competitors, so analyze the content they create, and develop more useful and unique stories. Services like Top Writers Review can help you find authors who will personalize your content and build credibility. 

Your content should deliver real value because if prospects don’t get it, the chances to convert them are minimum.

Established Processes

Mature system integration companies have a process in place to implement a project. The processes’ role is to guarantee steadiness according to the firm’s goals, obstacles, and operations. 

Your team has expertise in the pro AV industry, so by establishing these processes, you prove to your clients you are efficient in meeting their demands. To demonstrate to your prospects that your established processes are effective, you need to provide case studies and customer reviews. 

Understanding of the Business Environment

System integration firms should have a clear image of the business environment they operate in. They should know the factors that influence their success like:

  • performance targets
  • goals
  • protocols
  • project governance
  • post-implementation planning
  • staff adoption
  • training

A lack of understanding in any of these areas can wreck any project.

For companies in the search for new clients, the above tips can help build a strategy to attract new prospects. Following the examples of successful companies is the key to building a strong brand. 

Daniela McVicker is a blogger and a freelance writer who works closely with B2B and B2C businesses providing blog writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting services. Currently, she blogs for Rated by Students. When McVicker isn’t writing, she loves to travel, read romance and science fiction, and try new wines.