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Technology has completely revolutionized how we communicate. From microphones to telephones, radios, and speaker systems, we’ve been able to connect with each other across vast distances for over 100 years. Doing so has helped businesses, too, and ongoing developments in the AV space continue to deliver clearer, higher-quality audio, allowing organizations to communicate seamlessly with collaborators wherever they are in the world. Now, as we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, keeping our businesses connected and working together effectively is more important than ever. It’s easy to take this for granted: run a meeting with faultless audio and everyone moves on with their day. Encounter problems, and it can disrupt the flow and outcome of a collaboration. Quality audio is essential, and the AV industry will continue to adapt with new, innovative technologies.

AV/IT Summit Speaker Vanessa Jensen

AV technology will be key in creating safe and easy-to-use meeting spaces in our post-coronavirus world. Tech has advanced to the point where with the right equipment and systems, users will be able to have a completely hands-free experience that will minimize the risk of spreading infection. Understandably, there has been a huge boom in interest in hands-free solutions in 2020. What was once considered a "nice-to-have" bonus is now an important aspect of workplace setup, as things like touchscreens, remote controls, and handheld microphones have become potential vectors for COVID-19.

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Apps are available that allow users to control the systems within meeting rooms, from screens and remote logins to microphone setup—and with auto-connect functionality, these systems will function smoothly and seamlessly. Alternatively, the advances in voice-activated software and natural language processing will permit anyone to engage with meeting room systems without even needing specific apps set up on their devices.

At this time, it’s hard to predict exactly what the future of the workplace will hold, but these technological advances will create meeting rooms that will combine more efficient, intuitive, and integrated systems with the safety and caution that the future working environment demands.

Vanessa Jensen is speaking at the 2020 AV/IT Summit on The Future of Pro AV—What's Next? panel. 

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Vanessa Jensen

Vanessa Jensen is an avid technology enthusiast with over 17 years of experience in the professional audio and systems integration market.  Prior to her current role as senior market development specialist, she successfully managed product lines ranging from loudspeakers to discussion systems, infrared listening, and RF analog/digital wireless.  Jensen has designed and supported a variety of high-profile audio systems installations in educational facilities, corporate boardrooms, houses of worship, theatres, and more.