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5 Fun Facts About the State of Software Engineers

Hired recently produced its 2019 State of Software Engineers Report. 

Hired's State of Software Engineers 2019

The report was chocked-full of interesting information about engineering salaries, programming languages, and work factors that matter most to the digital world.

Here are five things I learned from reading the report

1. Stop Go?

According to Hired's research, candidates with experience using Go are the most in-demand. But, in reality, only seven percent of software engineers actually use Go. Javascript ranked number one with 62 percent using the language, followed by Java and Python, both at 42 percent.

2. A Love/Hate Relationship

What language do developers love? Python. Fifty-one percent named it as one of their most beloved languages. Javascript was a close second with 49 percent.

Java has a love/hate relationship. It's number three on the most liked list...but also number two on the most hated list.

3. All Work and No Play

Work should be fun, even for software engineers. Forty-nine percent of respondents cited their biggest reason for not liking a specific language as "it's not fun to program."

4. The Business of Bootcamps

As the industry looks to alternative forms of education, bootcamps are growing in popularity—and seen as valuable by employers. Fifty-seven percent of employers say they would hire a bootcamp grad for an open role.

5. Interesting (Software) Developments

Software engineers are constantly training to keep up with technology. But what actually interests them? According to Hired's report, the top three areas of interest are machine learning, user experience, and blockchain.

For more fun facts and to read the full 2019 State of Software Engineers Report from Hired, visit