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10 Things You Don't Know About Me: Gina Sansivero

10 things you don't know about Gina Sansivero

In this week's 10 Things You Don't Know About Me, we get to know Gina Sansivero of AtlasIED. Gina can be found on Twitter at @GinaSans (opens in new tab).

1. I have a twin sister (we're fraternal) named Michelle.

2. I hate shopping for clothes, but I love shoes and shoe shopping.

3.  I have a significant addiction to broccoli rabe.

4. My son Christopher is my world.

5. Reading fiction is my escape from reality.

6.  I hate running out of kitchen staples. My pantry and freezer have to be full—if they're not, I have anxiety.

7. My garden, my family, and my relationships are all labors of love. Nothing worthwhile is easy, right?

8. I love the smell of snow, but hate cold weather.

9.  I wish myself happy birthday (in my head) when I randomly happen to look at the clock and it says 6:12 (my birthday is June 12).

10. I am a die-hard New York Mets fan.

To learn more about Gina's work life, check out this Exec Q&A: (opens in new tab)

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