Traffic Flows in Temecula with the Help of MediaWall 4500

Temecula, California has come a long way since the installation of its first traffic light in 1985. The city now has over 100 signalized intersections, more than half of which utilize CCTV or computer systems for monitor and control.

WAV selected the RGB Spectrum MediaWall 4500 as the main display wall processor based on ease of use, reliability, expandability, and its long history in military command and control and emergency operation centers. "The MW4500 was a natural choice for this project," said Erik Wilson, CTS-D, project engineer for WAV.

The MediaWall 4500 is used to display video and graphics inputs on a 2x3 array of 70" Planar cubes with an active viewing area of 5760 x 2160 pixels. The flexibility of the MediaWall 4500 allows multiple sources to be displayed in windows at their native resolution. Its embedded, parallel processing architecture, robust 24/7 operation, and redundant power supply option help ensure the TOC will continue to operate during emergency situations.

Visuals can be displayed anywhere on the MediaWall 4500's outputs, allowing traffic engineers to monitor several intersections simultaneously in order to verify that control lights are functioning correctly and traffic is flowing unhindered. Signals at key intersections can be adjusted as required from the operations center to maintain an orderly flow of vehicle traffic.

The TOC is staffed by members of the Department of Public Works Traffic Engineering Division during normal operating hours. For special events or emergencies, the TOC provides information and support to law enforcement, fire, and other government agencies.

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