INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Essentials of Next-Gen BYOD & Instant Mobile Content Sharing -


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They Heart BYOD

Supporting our increasingly mobile, device-driven culture doesn’t mean tech managers have to give up control.

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Collaboration in the Age of BYOD

Halfway through the second decade of the 21st century, two clear trends have emerged with respect to meetings: First, meeting presenters and participants are relying more on tablets, smartphones, and “phablets” than traditional computing platforms to display slides, photos, and videos.

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ROI Essentials: Digital Signage in the Enterprise

Ask a project or marketing manager how they plan to measure a return on investment (ROI) on a digital signage rollout within the enterprise, and you’ll hear such things as branding, messaging, or the most nebulous of measurements, “awareness.”

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Four Essentials of the Evolving Classroom

Simulation technology, interactive touchscreen whiteboards, system control rooms, recording systems, wireless LCD Monitors—these aren’t words that remind me of my college experience. Educational technology has redefined the way students learn and how they interact with their teachers. It also has forced our educational institutions to adapt to new technologies, and often.