HDBaseT World Congress Spotlight: Chris Lewis

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Chris Lewis, Founder of Lewis Insight

Stakeholders in the HDBaseT ecosystem — Alliance members, manufacturers, and integrators — will converge in Sitges, Barcelona, October 16-18, for the HDBaseT World Congress. The Congress will engage the community in robust discussions, panels, networking, and working groups to shape the future of the HDBaseT solution.

In this online series, AV Technology magazine will introduce select speakers and presentations to the community. Today we meet Chris Lewis.

We Live in a Hyper-Connected World (Keynote session)

Who: Chris Lewis, Founder of Lewis Insight

Abstract: As individuals, we are increasingly connected – whether through devices or wearables, living in a smarter connected home, more connected vehicles and businesses in a fundamentally ever connected society. In addition, we live in a world of overlapping dynamics of technology and business from formerly very distinct segments, such as telecoms, networking, IT and now including aspects of AV and consumer electronics. This intrinsically connected and interwoven reality brings new challenges and opportunities as we take a fresh perspective on how the future might develop.

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What to Expect: In his keynote address, Chris will explore the many paths ahead of us as technology, people, and things work together.

More Info: To learn more about the HDBaseT World Congress programming, and to register, visit https://hdbaset.org/hdbaset-world-congress-2017/?am_force_theme_layout=desktop


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