PerioCast Launches StoreCaster/HD

  • PerioCast, specialists in the creation of servers for distribution of HD content over RF, announced at the NAB show in Las Vegas the introduction of StoreCaster/HD and StoreCaster/HD-Multi Channel. PerioCast demonstrated the servers at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas, April 16-19.
  • PerioCast’s StoreCaster/HD and StoreCaster/HD-Multi Channel are MPEG-2 based servers with frequency agile VHF 8VSB or QAM RF modulators. (RF modulators combine a video signal with an RF – radio frequency – source, so the video can be transmitted to a television or VCR). The StoreCaster HD servers output live or stored video input and send it to multiple HD monitors simultaneously.
  • By FCC mandate, every large HD-capable display comes with a built-in digital tuner. This provides digital signage users a less expensive way of sending their messages by using low-cost RF cabling. With many stores, schools, and other public facilities already using conventional displays, RF delivery is possibly the clear choice for low-cost content distribution.
  • “The StoreCaster/HD-Multi Channel can transmit up to four different programmed channels at the same time. For example, a hotel can play one video at the entrance, another inside the lobby, another on multiple monitors in the bar, and a fourth program in the restaurants. Additional servers can be used to deliver even more channels,” said Douglas Schwartz, Product Marketing Manger for PerioCast. Schwartz added that “PerioCast offers a much lower cost solution for content distribution because our servers work with low cost RF coaxial instead of more expensive CAT 5 cable or very expensive HDMI cable.”
  • PerioCast’s digital signage servers present either stored content or live content from satellite receivers. 8VSB is the RF modulation format used for SMPTE 310M, the standard video format designated by the ATSC organization.
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