Apps to Consider

Apps to Consider

As app developers advance iPad and iphone options, AV Technology researchers are keeping AV pros ahead of the game. Here’s our Most Wanted List.

Nighthawk Universal Recording App & Mic

The Nighthawk is a new tool for content developers and field personnel who need a Bluetooth earphone solution with reliable wireless recording capability for their Apple and Android smartphones.

The app is available free for Apple products with the purchase of the Nighthawk Microphone Combo System.

With the recording app and integrated start/stop recording function, the Nighthawk functions as a wireless interview microphone delivering consistent audio levels recording directly to the user’s smartphone. Users can clip the microphone to themselves, the interview subject, or capture any other audio and record audio to video on their smartphone from up to 120 feet away.

The company stated that the “audio level is consistent and of professional quality making the Nighthawk a perfect companion for conducting professional interviews, recording lectures, meetings, or taking simple voice memos.” An integrated recording start/stop function lets users control recordings.

“The clarity of our microphone and the ability to reduce ambient sound due to the directional microphone are great benefits to consumers and audio pros,” said Ruben Scheimberg, Founder of the Ear Phone Connection. “The Nighthawk offers a much more complete package because it is not just a headset but is also a multi-function wireless microphone, recording device and Bluetooth device controller.”

Other Nighthawk functions that enhance the user experience:

  • 12-hour talk time, which is more than double that of most in-ear Bluetooth devices
  • Smartphone Bluetooth clip-on microphone with removable earpiece
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) button for two-way radio communications
  • In-car speaker kit
  • MP3 player controller

The Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone Combo System is available for an MSRP of $124.99 (

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