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Lectrosonics' Solutions Ride with the 'Shop Angels'

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"Shop Angels" is an outdoor adventure travel show slated to begin airing in the first quarter of 2013. From their hands-on approach to prepping their ATV’s, to exploring the great outdoors, the cameras follow the action. To ensure broadcast quality audio through it all, Digital Hybrid Wireless microphone technology from Rio Rancho, NM-based Lectrosonics is on the scene.

Jimmy Corn, owner of Big Oak Productions, a full service television production company based in Nashville, serves in a variety of capacities with the show, including overseeing photography and location sound. A veteran audio professional who started as a live sound engineer mixing concerts before moving into television production, Corn has handled projects for a client roster that includes CMT (Country Music Television), ESPN, NFL Films, GAC (Great American Country), ABC, HGTV, and NBC.

“I’ve been using Lectrosonics gear for a good 15 years or so,” Corn said, “dating all the way back to products like the CR185 and CR187 receivers. In my line of work, the wireless mics have to be bullet proof and this is precisely why I’m so fond of Lectrosonics. For Shop Angels, I’m using the company’s SM Series 'Super Miniature' transmitters along with UCR411A and SR dual-channel slot mount ENG receivers.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m miking football and hockey players or following the girls on this show,” Corn said, “I get one take and for this very reason, there is no other wireless system I would even come close to trusting. Lectrosonics equipment sounds great and its reliability can’t be beat. The gear is built really tough and it’s easy to use. I work in crowded RF environments all the time and being able to scan for open frequencies and make adjustments on the fly is critical.”

“On Shop Angels, it’s been very important to have small transmitters on the talent and our SM’s make a great choice. And for long range shots with audio, the Lectrosonics SMQV can’t be beat. We use smaller hand held cameras and we feed everything wirelessly to the SR receivers on each camera.”

“The ability of Lectrosonics equipment to withstand all the bumps, drops, and other unfortunate handling mishaps that regularly occur on location is really quite impressive," said Corn. "On very rare occasions, we need to send gear in for service and it’s always good to have someone on the other end of the phone line who understands that every day my equipment is down, I’m losing money. Lectrosonics has consistently been very helpful and responsive. The company’s turnaround time is always fast.”


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