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Denmark's IMAX Tycho Brahe Planetarium Gains Control Of 3-D And More
miami, fl-Copenhagen's IMAX Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Denmark's most advanced center for popularizing astronomy and space research, has selected Medialon Manager as the show control system for the entire planetarium. The Planetarium uses the power of Medialon Manager to monitor, control, and do show programming, thus easing the workload of personnel running shows and exhibitions all day.

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Denmark's IMAX Tycho Brahe Planetarium recently installed Medialon Manager to monitor, control, and do show programming throughout the planetarium, including its IMAX and digital 3-D movie schedule.
The Planetarium currently has two main forms of entertainment, IMAX films and digital 3-D movies. Many of the IMAX films are produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films, an experienced independent producer and distributor of special-venue motion picture. The Planetarium currently shows 10 different IMAX films, including the 90-minute Rolling Stones at the MAX.

The 3-D movies are projected using four digital Barco Galaxy 12+ projectors and 7th Sense HD players to achieve a world's first: a 26-meter wide, full stereoscopic 3-D projection on the Tycho Brahe Space Theatre's 24-meter dome. This configuration, which displays 1920 x 1080 HD images, immerses audiences in breathtaking stereoscopic experiences. 3-D titles include S.O.S. Planet, and Bugs 3-D.

Medialon controls the running of both film formats and also takes care of light and sound.

An upcoming exhibition will also be controlled by Manager and feature Medialon MIP digital media playback, both supplied by Informationsteknik Sweden.


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