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Crestron Augments Training, Launches Owner Group

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ROCKLIEGH, NJ-The Crestron Technical Institute (CTI) is now offering its "Programming for Certification" course nationwide, and has also added new certification levels that recognize the high level of commitment by programmers who attend Masters Classes.

Historically, offered only at the Crestron headquarters in New Jersey, the "Programming for Certification" course, the third and highest level of programming training, now will be offered at all CTI locations, including newly expanded facilities in Chicago, IL, Cypress, CA, Dallas, TX, and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Beyond the "Programming for Certification" classes, Crestron offers its exclusive, specialized "Masters Classes". CTI is introducing certification levels to recognize the commitment of Crestron programmers who attend these invitation-only classes. Those who attend three annual Masters Classes receive a "Silver" designation. Attending three additional Masters Classes and then passing an exam elevates certification status to "Gold". The highest level of certification, "Platinum," is achieved after attending three more classes and passing one last exam.

In other Crestron news, a newly created Crestron Owners Group (COG) will bring end users together through regular national and regional meetings, supplemented by a dynamic web community. An independent end user organization, COG is supported via Crestron sponsorship and participation as a corporate member.

"This is a grassroots effort to ensure that all of our customers, and ultimately our dealers, are fully supported when using Crestron solutions," said Christina Peterson, regional manager, Crestron. "This effort complements our award-winning True Blue customer support and is another venue for Crestron users to share ideas and realize the full power of Crestron solutions."


Sheffield Institute Turns to Crestron for AV Training

For graduating students to get a foothold in the AV and systems integration industries, they need to be up to speed on the technologies that are most popularly used in the field. That's why the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts (SIRA) teamed with Crestron to co-develop professional development curriculum for the graduating class at the vocational school in Maryland.