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Panamax-Furman Ensures the Ultimate Visitor Experience at Savant Systems' New Commercial Experience Center in Manhattan

  • PETALUMA, CA--When Savant Systems began work on its new 5,000-square-foot Commercial Experience Center in Manhattan, N.Y., incorporating power and energy management was a priority. The commercial center is designed for integrator demonstrations of Savant's integrated control and automation solutions for clients in a wide range of commercial markets, so it's critical that equipment is always at peak performance and safe from power irregularities. To ensure the ultimate experience for clients, Savant is relying on Panamax/Furman's F1500-UPS, PL-PRO C, and M4320-PRO power and energy management products.
  • Completed in June 2010, Savant's Commercial Experience Center features a digital signage setup, sports bar, hotel guest suite, conference room, smart classroom, and TelePresence center. Nine racks of equipment provide the AV and control experience for the different settings, utilizing numerous components including A/V switchers, main controllers, cable boxes, Blu–ray players, Apple TVs, servers, network equipment, and much more. To provide energy management, power filtration, surge protection, and battery backup to the equipment, Savant is utilizing 12 Furman F1500-UPS, two Furman PL-PRO C, and four Panamax M4320-PRO units.
  • The Panamax M4320-PRO provides monitoring and control via Panamax/Furman's cloud-based BlueBOLT power and energy management platform along with "pro" level protection and linear filtration for optimal component performance. The unit also offers standard RS-232 communication for remote control of outlets, enabling installers to automate equipment functionality.
  • The Furman PL-PRO C and F1500-UPS provide Savant with Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for unequaled audio and video clarity, Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) for the highest level of surge protection available, and automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) to protect connected equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions. The F1500-UPS combines protection and filtration with 1500VA of true sine wave backup power, as well as AVR voltage regulation, robust programmability options, BlueBOLT compatibility, IR control for safe shutdown of remote equipment, critical load management, and circuitry for optimized power consumption.
  • "We chose Panamax/Furman for our commercial center because of our experience with the company's products in the residential center, which opened last year. On the residential side, we are using three Furman IT-Reference 20i and six Panamax MB1500-UPS units. They've performed flawlessly in the eight months they've been in operation," said Bob Ross, director of business development at Savant Systems. "The experience has been the same on the commercial side, where it has been in use since June, and the performance of our power management solutions, in addition to the response to the new center, has been phenomenal. Working with Panamax/Furman has also been great. They were very helpful in the initial design, determining exactly what solutions would meet our needs."
  • For Savant, another important element of the installation is Panamax/Furman's BlueBOLT Web-based power and energy management platform. Available on the M4320-PRO and via the BlueBOLT-CV1 interface card for the F1500-UPS, BlueBOLT provides hosted IP (Internet Protocol) power control and energy monitoring for AV systems. BlueBOLT offers unprecedented ease of use through a uniquely rich, modern graphical user interface that allows installers to monitor multiple installations across multiple locations while offering a user-friendly dashboard for their clients.
  • BlueBOLT's breakthrough features include a robust energy monitoring feature set for monitoring power consumption in kilowatt-hours or dollars; remote outlet control for hard reboots of connected equipment; e-mail alerts when power anomalies occur; scheduled commands for power-up, power-down, or power-cycling of outlets; monitoring of incoming voltage in near-real time or over history; automated reboot of network devices when an Internet connection is lost; and permissions settings to provide secure device access at administrator, installer, or client levels.