Userful Makes Video Wall Control Software Available Online

Userful Corporation, provider of centralized, interactive display software, has made its Userful Network Video Wall control center software available online for anyone to access directly from their browser. Last December, Userful unveiled the world’s first video wall to deliver real time, 4K content over the network on up to 25 screens. Now Userful has put its video wall management tool online to publicly demonstrate how easy it can be to set up, deploy and manage artistic or grid video walls.

The Userful Network Video Wall outputs a broad range of 4K content, including video, HTML5, 3D, Flash, and more. The control center also ties in with a variety of third-party content management systems to enable real-time and scheduled live content to the video wall. The tool can be accessed from a browser from any device—even a smartphone or tablet.

Userful has released a short instructional video showing how easy it can be to configure and manage a video wall, and in conjunction, has launched an online self-service test site. The Userful control center makes it simple to navigate, align, and color-calibrate a video wall—either in a grid layout, or an artistic-style video wall with a heterogenous mix of individual displays placed at any angle.

“For years video walls have been complex, expensive, and intimidating," said Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful. “We set out to change all that by delivering a video wall that is flexible and powerful but also comes at an affordable price. It’s the easiest to use solution on the market, and we are ready to prove that. Now anyone can use our online tool and see how easy deploying and managing video walls can be.”

The Userful Network Video Wall connects up to 25 displays to a single server over a standard ethernet network via a small but robust zero client device. The platform allows for full creative layout of displays, so customers can deploy a standard grid configuration or set up a mosaic, artistic "art-wall" layout with any angle rotation to grab any audience's attention.

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