TruMedia Makes Audience Measurement Affordable -

TruMedia Makes Audience Measurement Affordable

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TruMedia Technologies, a provider of real-time audience measurement and proactive advertising solutions, has announced the release of iTRI, a simplified audience measurement solution intended for experiencing and demonstrating proactive advertising (PROM) and face-based audience measurement first hand.

iTRI software is installed on a PC and works with any USB camera. The application has three modes, generating up to 12 hours of audience data at a time. The application also demonstrates TruMedia´s content based reporting and proactive advertising capabilities based on the viewer’s gender using pre-loaded fixed ads.

“iTRI is a great demonstration tool which we hope will speed up the learning curve by making audience measurement accessible to everyone, however it is not an alternative to our iCapture solution.” Said Jerry Henzen, VP sales & marketing at TruMedia “The integrity of the data collected is critical and companies serious about audience measurement will need sophisticated hardware which can measure audiences at wide angles and within viewing distance from the screen, which is unfortunately the limitations of using a USB camera.” Mr Henzen continued, “If you are going to deploy more than one or two systems a PC based solution simply isn’t cost effective. iCapture uses a small dedicated DS video processor which is extremely robust and runs independently of the operating system or player.”

iTRI will be sold for $9.95 per month.

TruMedia Technologies Inc. is a provider of real-time, automated audience measurement solutions for the out-of-home display industry. Its proprietary and field-tested video analytics technology measures visual attention towards posters, digital signs, TV monitors, display windows and in-store product displays. The company’s solutions accurately track exposure to media, advertising and merchandise and can be used to proactively change content.

Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., TruMedia has sales offices and research and development facilities in Israel. The company’s privacy policy ensures that it will not record, share or store any images or personally identifiable data.

For more information on TruMedia products/services, or to download iTRI, visit


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