Upgrade Available for Pointmaker Users Experiencing Certain Bugs

Pointmaker LLC has recently learned of a software bug that, under specific circumstances, can cause unexpected results with newer models. If you are experiencing intermittent or chronic black video pass-through (or no pass-through) from the Pointmaker or if the unit is often getting stuck on a search screen, Pointmaker asks you to please upgrade your software to the latest version for your Pointmaker model. An upgrade is not mandatory for those who are not experiencing this issue.

To upgrade, contact Printmaker to request an upgrade file. Then, follow the instructions in this PDF, or follow the instructions in this YouTube video.

“The bug is most frequently associated with HDCP initialization,” said Pat Brey, CEO Pointmaker. “In fact, we couldn’t find this bug without a very specific set-up of sources, matrix switchers and displays negotiating HDCP protocols.” The issue isn’t caused by a lack of HDCP compatibility by any one product in the installation. Like the Pointmaker, each product may adhere to HDCP protocols to the letter. “But every AV manufacturer’s implementation of HDCP may be a little bit different, and Pointmaker needs to be compatible with all of them,” said Brey.

Contact Pointmaker with any recurrent issues.

As every manufacturer knows, it’s nearly impossible to test their products with every AV device available that might be in a given installation. For this reason, Pointmaker urges integrators who have experienced these issues or other recurring issues – however small -- to contact them directly with specifics about the devices connected to the Pointmaker (e.g. brand of video sources, matrix routers, displays). We can then work with them to resolve the issue immediately. Anyone experiencing issues should contact the Pointmaker support team headed by Brent Tremblay at (520) 745-0001 or brent.tremblay@pointmaker.com.

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