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Unified Communications Driving Force for Advanced AV in 2014

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[Editor’s Note: The following commentary from John Greene, VP sales and marketing, Advanced AV, was originally submitted in response to a questionnaire for SCN’s 2014 Top 50 Systems Integrators list.]

SCN: What vertical markets and/or technologies exhibited the most growth for you in 2014, and why?

John Greene: For our markets, pharmaceutical, financial, legal, and healthcare with a strong showing in the energy sector. The primary driving force has been unified communication with a focus on unifying the AV technology across the enterprise, standardization and simplification of room design and control interfaces. The investment in training and business meetings is still the force behind the purchase of AV technology, but the pressing requirement to simplify systems, so that all employees utilize the investment, has spurred much of the activity.

SCN: What vertical markets and/or technologies do you predict exhibiting the most growth in 2015, and why?

JG: We are starting to see collaboration meeting solutions together with content streaming gaining steam. Cloud offerings delivering a variety of services from teleconferencing to content and social will be pervasive as those deliverables become accepted by the enterprise and educational marketplaces, The BYO - device or app is driving the need to match up business services and tools with employee workflows.

SCN: What was the biggest business challenge of 2014, and how have you overcome it?

JG: The challenge to find enough of the technologic human resources to meet demand on a client’s rigid timeline requirements. The ability to find strategic partnership and reliable sources of technical staff has been critical to our success. With our business supporting a national and global client list, the capability to captain teams of a variety of service providers working harmoniously together to meet client needs has been an integral ingredient.

John Greene is vice president of sales and marketing at Advanced AV.



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