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Dan Dugan E-1A

  • Dan Dugan Sound Design (booth C10544) has introduced the E-1A automatic mixing controller, adding increased DSP power to provide up to 16 channels of Dugan’s transparent automatic mixing. The E-1A allows users to divide the Dugan unit into three separate automixers, with each set having its own set of master buttons on the software control panels. The E-1A includes the upgraded Dugan Control Panel for Java, a real-time remote control panel. A newly announced iPad app (purchased separately) brings touch control to the Dugan Control Panel. In addition to eight channels of analog I/O, the E-1A has two pairs of ADAT connectors. One pair may be used for digital I/O with the second pair utilized for linking, or the link connectors may be repurposed for an additional eight audio channels.
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