The Secret to Life-Saving Tech Support

The Secret to Life-Saving Tech Support

Bringing high-performance projectors to market is difficult. There, I’ve said it. It takes years of planning, market research, peer insight, a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work. And once you’ve brought your beautiful creation to market, the hard work is done, right? Nope. Not at all. That’s a bit like saying your job as a parent is done once your first-born leaves for college. You’ve brought the projector to market, your best dealer sells and installs the first one, and now you have to ensure it has a long life delivering years of client value. The absolutely crucial bridge between the sale and this long career is assertive, life-saving technical support.

Michael Bridwell

DP’s advanced support begins long before the sale. Our dealers hear of an opportunity, and the questions arise: what lens is best for this application, can we tilt X projector a certain way to create a certain effect, or is this client concept even mathematically possible. DP’s Application Support team supplies this thorough pre-sale insight, illuminating the path for our integrators to follow in difficult applications. Even during and after the install, DP’s Application Support team is able to set up, test and diagnose system and source issues. What results is a more confident—and better supported—integrator base.

Once the projector is installed, DP’s regional sales managers and reps supply both on-site and remote support. But what if something goes awry? In steps our internal customer and technical support teams. Possible outcomes include on-site support through DP’s special Field Operations team, or the personal touch of our robust in-house technical support team. Additionally, DP has a Service Coordination department dedicated exclusively to tracking and communicating to the dealer the status of a projector during a service trip.

One final note: be wary of a support structure comprised primarily of single peaks of communication. We have learned first-hand that you have to flatten the support infrastructure, spreading information amongst the key departments for effective communication and resolution to occur.

Michael Bridwell is the VP of Marketing and Home Entertainment for Digital Projection Inc. This feature is part of SCN's "Hush Hush" October print issue.