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WA School District Deploys Hitachi Technology

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SAN DIEGO, CA-Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112) in Vancouver, WA has utilized Hitachi Software StarBoard panels, wireless tablets, and Hitachi projectors for an interactive education research project. For the 2006 school year, Troxell Communications installed Hitachi Software T-15XL interactive StarBoard panels, Freedom tablets, and Hitachi CP-RS56 projectors in districts throughout Southwest Washington as a part of this project.

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One of EDS 112's programs includes integrating Hitachi technology into its classrooms throughout Southwest Washington.
ESD 112 is a regional service agency that enables school districts to concentrate more time, money, and energy on student learning. In an effort to assist districts in developing replicable, sustainable models of technology integration, the ESD 112 educational technology support center chose to tie the use of Hitachi's interactive technologies to nine research-based instructional strategies. Entitled the "Sustainable Classroom Grant Project," the main objective is to develop a learning environment that utilizes technology for research-based instructional strategies, which directly impacts a student's learning experience.

"The T-15XL panels and CP-RS56 projectors fit perfectly in the technology strategy of the Sustainable Classroom Grant Project," commented program director Debbie Tschirgi. "The interactive presentation products we use are key to the success of the project, as teachers specifically use lessons that lend themselves to these interactive technologies and strategies. Without their feature-packed performance and reliable operation, the program wouldn't have the same level of success."

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