TransWorld Marketing Balances Hero Family Program

TransWorld Marketing has recently deployed the Hero Family Program Display for New Balance athletic shoes. New Balance’s goal was to shift brand perception towards a younger, more aggressive brand; a brand that will appeal to the 18- to 22-year-old consumer, while not alienating the brand loyal 36+ set. The marriage between the brand and the POP producer encompassed a floor stand, counter unit, end cap displays along with a slat wall fixture. By designing a new family of displays, New Balance created a display system to mirror the development of both a new product launch and a new media campaign supporting the launch.

The Sonic Hero Display program was constructed using unique, innovative materials throughout the Sonic Hero program. The rubberized branded color with sculpted logo communicated to the younger set along with steel braided cable that attach the rubber mat shoe glorifier platforms on the floor stand and counter unit. Also featured on these two displays were frosted PETG accents and black powder coated base. Interchangeable SBS graphic panels helped communicate and promote the accompanying LOVE/Hate media campaign launched with the Brand and the Sporting Goods Retailers. The retail environments were able to change out the graphic skins, with the more traditional New Balance graphic package. Some of the program display elements were constructed to custom fit specific retail applications. Examples included the Shoe Board Display for Sports Authority, and the End Cap Display programs for Modell’s Sporting Goods . The Floor Stand (Tower) and Counter (Table) Displays had more general applications and were distributed to multiple retail chains.

This innovative group of displays enhanced the high tech performance of the product line. The use of select materials (especially the rubber and actual cables featured in the displays) helped to bring a new level of innovation and modernization to the overall merchandising effort.

New Balance launched this new multimedia ad campaign in March 2008, along with online ads, exquisitely designed displays and in- store circulars to achieve an increase in sales along with their new brand perception. The display program has had a very positive affect on sales and New Balance plans to further develop additional display elements to go along with the originally produced displays.

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