Environmentalism And The Small Company

For David Barnes, president and CEO of TV One, embracing a green agenda didn’t need to be an endeavor without an upside on the balance sheet. To him, execution was the key to a successful marriage between running a profitable business and overseeing a company that stressed environmentally sound practices. “Technological innovation has always been one of TV One’s hallmarks,” Barnes said. “But we’ve also integrated environmentally sound practices into the business model as well.

In addition to standardizing on some European practices already being used by TV One’s U.K. operation, some additional ideas were adopted across the company’s worldwide locations. These “low hanging fruit” environmental items were either revenue neutral or produced cost savings from day one.

With a few hundred computers in use throughout the world, controlling their energy usage is a definite pro-environment concept. Users were instructed to utilize the power profile feature in the operating systems to turn off monitors and place the PCs in a low energy state anytime activity drops below a predetermined level. In addition, after backup of any critical files, non-critical computers are turned off at the end of the day.

For those locations that don’t have computer-controlled lighting, employees are expected to turn off their office lights when leaving the facility. Printers and all other non-critical electrical devices are also to be turned off.

A companywide recycling program is in place for aluminum soft drink cans, and plastic water bottles have been replaced with spring water dispensed from bulk containers into biodegradable paper cups. Coffee is consumed from reusable containers instead of polystyrene.

Paper catalogs and specification sheets are available upon specific request but the preferred method of product information distribution is via electronic means.

Middle Atlantic Gains ISO 14001 Cert

FAIRFIELD, NJ—Middle Atlantic Products has been awarded ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management Systems. A key facet to the awarding of ISO 14001 certification is the company’s implementation of a systematic approach in setting environmental objectives and targets. It involves the active pursuit of these goals and demonstrating steps taken towards their achievement. In addition to the recent achievement of ISO 14001, Middle Atlantic has maintained ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for consistent manufacturing and operations since 2003.