The Daily On-the-Run Q&A

The Daily On-the-Run Q&A

Craig Janssen, LEED AP, is Managing Director of Idibri and President of the Info-Comm International Board of Directors. Recently, he gave a TEDx Talk about how the ways that people communicate affect the spaces they do it in. In short, Janssen argued, AV designers face important challenges when trying to keep pace with new technologies.

What do you most look forward to the week of an InfoComm show?

Janssen: The InfoComm show always provides me and our team with two main benefits. First is the opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools that allow us to serve our clients and stay current in a rapidly changing industry. This may be through the extensive education elements or the opportunity to experience technology solutions first hand. The second benefit is to build the relationships that are the core to all efficient business.

What do you hope attendees will take away from InfoComm 2016 that will help them succeed in the future?

Janssen: If I were to present only one thought on this, it would be that the AV industry is uniquely positioned to create powerful communication experiences for our clients—regardless of market segment. It’s this uniqueness and focus of InfoComm that we celebrate, and which will make us all successful for many years to come. I encourage all attendees to build their network of relationships, as this community will sustain their careers.

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