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Register for a Live Lecture Capture Webinar 8-24

  • What should you expect when you start offering classes online? The Sonic Foundry 8/24 Webinar: 9 Questions You Must Ask Before You Start Lecture Capture, will provide key insight from Duncan McBogg, Educational Technologist at University of Colorado at Boulder. Even if you are a lecture capture pro, Duncan will share tips from CU-Boulder that can accelerate how fast you scale.

Visit to find out how. Discussion will include:

-The nine areas of investigation you must explore to ensure successful lecture capture, be it your first pilot or starting with a large scale deployment; avoid them and you run the risk of slow- to no-adoption

-How to tackle faculty buy-in, success metrics, support considerations and outreach to ensure a lasting impact on learning and retention

-Real-life examples and cautionary tales from the CU-Boulder experience, including the collaborative process, technical hurdles and classroom technology design