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Keywest Intros HD Content Player

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Keywest Technology has unveiled the HD-Video POD, a high-definition digital signage content player offering a cost-effective professional alternative to the DVD players frequently used in single-sign systems.

Keywest Technology specifically designed the HD-Video POD as an affordable, yet powerful replacement for the DVD players in use today driving tens of thousands of digital signs.

"As high definition television displays begin to dominate the digital signage market, those responsible for the signs face an interesting question," said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. "Specifically, do they invest in the next generation of high-definition DVD player, which can cost several hundred dollars and is not purpose-built for digital signage content playback, or do they look for a more professional alternative?

"We believe the HD-Video POD offers the HD display support they need with the digital signage schedule building and management support they can't find in a DVD player at a remarkably affordable price," he said.

The HD-Video POD player is a complete hardware and software solution to drive an individual digital signage. With WiFi and Ethernet support, multiple units can be controlled and updated from a central Keywest Technology InfoZone network.

Packaged in a fanless "mini" chassis, the Linux-based unit comes with DVI, HD component, S-video, and VGA output. The HD-Video POD player is available with USB memory support, as well as with an optional 40GB hard drive for applications requiring greater media storage.

Additionally, the HD-Video POD comes with easy-to-use control software that runs on any Windows platform. The software is timeline based, allowing users to drag and drop video and graphics onto a timeline to sequence playback of media and build schedules. Existing playlists can be modified as they run.

The HD-Video POD with USB memory support-only has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $795. The HD-Video POD with optional 40GB hard drive has a list price of $895. Units are available for immediate shipment.

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