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DSF Announces Standards Committee Co-Chairs

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The Digital Signage Federation recently announced that Ian Stone of Respario, LP, and Angela Tang of AOpen will co-chair the DSF’s Standards Committee for 2012.

The Standards Committee creates and advocates industry standards to ensure continuity and broad industry acceptance in the areas of measurement, integration and messaging, semantics and privacy, according to the Warrenton, Va.-based organization.

In 2011, the Standards Committee developed a set of privacy standards that have since been adopted industry-wide becoming the first organization in the digital signage industry to establish and promote a set of guidelines that encourage commitment to strong privacy and transparency standards. By taking the lead in promulgating a set of privacy standards, the DSF, and the digital signage industry as a whole, have demonstrated willingness to self-regulate, appropriately noted and recognized on Capitol Hill during their hearings on the issue of privacy related to new forms of interactive media.

Ian Stone, president and chief experience officer of Respario, LP said, “I invite and encourage the participation of those in our community to contribute to the debate and development of standards on important issues such as audience measurement and metrics.” He added, “In 2012 and going forward, being proactive on these issues will be key to ensuring that our industry has a voice in and the ability to shape a favorable environment in which to promote our respective businesses.”

Angela Tang, marketing manager of AOpen said, “Our mission is to best represent our industry’s business interests and encourage the adoption of guidelines that contribute to continued growth. We plan to be proactive, promote opportunities for self-regulation, and work to maintain control of the conversation to avoid legislative intervention.” She added, “Our efforts on behalf of the industry will work best if industry thought leaders participate in the development process.”

For more information: www.digitalsignagefederation.org


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