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Screenfeed Weather Graphics & Video for Digital Signage Content

  • Screenfeed, the digital signage content store, has publicly released its premium weather content channels that provide high-definition weather graphics and video to digital-out-of-home networks.
  • Weather is the #1 requested content for digital screens. Digital signage network operators now have easy access to high-quality, un-branded and affordable weather content - and in HD! Weather graphics and video are delivered in a variety of formats up to full 1920x1080 resolution - which look beautiful on screen. No branding is present on the content allowing the network to be seen as the content provider.
  • Weather content for digital signage include a large set of weather maps, animated weather radar, severe weather advisories as well as complete video weather forecasts by experienced meteorologists available in HD or standard definition.
  • International weather data and graphics including current conditions, 24-hour outlook and a 7-day forecast are available for any location on the globe.
  • Screenfeed digital signage content is continuously delivered throughout the day to keep content up-to-date and works with any digital signage software or hardware including PCs, media players or digital photo frames.
  • All weather content channels are available in HD up to 1920x1080, 1366x768 or 1024x768 and can be scaled down to fill any 16:9 or 4:3 zone. Custom sizing and custom weather presentations for smaller zones or ticker bars are also available.
  • To see samples of Screenfeed's HD Weather feeds and other digital signage content visit the Screenfeed website.