Expanding Escapade

Expanding Escapade
  • DALLAS, TX-Comprised of two freestanding clubs and one large four-venue entertainment complex, the Escapade club franchise is booming with patrons that cover every segment of the Mexican-American population.

The Escapade Plaza's Western Room club combines eight W8s, 12 WSX subs, and 10 F15 speakers from Martin Audio for maximum power, clarity, and coverage.
Escapade 2009 is the original club aimed at the more mature demographic, with 35,000 square feet of space in a large, free-standing building featuring traditional music such as Porto Ranchero, and Banda with two-step dancing and many of the patrons in cowboy hats.

The club was built in the mid '90s and has continued to evolve over the years. "The owner ran it as a country and western bar for six or eight years, then when that scene started dying out and someone approached him about tapping into the Latin music scene, he tried it and it's worked out really well for everyone," said installer Paul Briggs of SLV in Dallas. "Until then, nobody had built a really nice, big club for the Latin market, with really good equipment, extensive LED Lighting, Martin Audio loudspeakers and 40 plasma displays."

Now they have three clubs running. "They just added the Escapade Plaza multi-venue complex with a billiard room and several clubs, and wanted Martin Audio in all of them because the owner had already used them in a club north of Dallas and really liked the sound," Briggs said. "When we installed the systems in each club, he wanted to step up to Martin Audio systems each time."

Escapade 2009 has W8C line array speakers because the speaker locations are recessed and they needed extra coverage and volume on the dance floor. "It's pretty loud," Briggs said. "Louder than what I'd want to listen to, but the sound is crystal clear. And there's plenty of low end because there are WSX subs everywhere."

The main room in Escapade 2009 is also large, at least 25,000 square feet. There SLV used eight Martin Audio W8s, two W8Cs, 14 F15s and four H3s as perimeter speakers, and 16 WSX subs to really get the levels up on the dance floor, which measures 65 by 80 feet.

Power for the Escapade 2009 system comes from two Crown CTs2000, one Crown CTs3000, five Powersoft DIGAM 7000s, and four Powersoft K6s. Ashly, Behringer, and Rane handle processing. In the DJ booth, a Rane MP44 DJ mixer, two Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD players, two Denon DN-D9000 dual CD players, and a Rane SM-26 splitter/mixer are matched with a Sabine SWM7113-H-U-M1 wireless mic system, an Audio-Technica DRV-X2 microphone, and a Mackie SM-450 DJ monitor.

The newest facility, Escapade Plaza, features Martin Audio F8s and F10s for smooth even coverage in the billiard room. The Plaza's Western Room club combines eight W8s, 12 WSX subs, and 10 F15 speakers for maximum power, clarity, and coverage, while the huge Sports Bar boasts a lineup of 34 F10s 21 F8s, 8 S15s, 4 CS10s, and Martin AQ8 and AQ5 architectural speakers to make sure the audio quality and coverage throughout.

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