Barco Targets Integrators With Convergence

LONDON, UK--PLASA 2008 was the first major entertainment technology tradeshow to see a combined booth featuring products from both Barco and High End Systems, since the latter was acquired by the former earlier this year. Headlining product was the brand-new StudioPix, a hybrid wide-angle moving LED wash light with programmable graphic imaging.

The second product in High End’s new line of pixelation luminaries (the first was the ShowPix launched at InfoComm 08), StudioPix can not only project color but also display images and effects, transforming the fixture head into a display device.

While rental and staging are the obvious applications for StudioPix and ShowPix, Barco is also targeting integrators with its ‘video and lighting convergence’ strategy. “Over the next few months and years, you’ll see us looking much more seriously at the integrator channel,” comments Andrew Healey, international marketing manager of Barco’s Media and Entertainment division.

“We already know that some AV integrators have rental operations, and as the cost of pixelation luminaires comes down, they are going to become more and more popular in fixed installations. Systems integrators already have video in their skill set and, before long, we can foresee a time when the term ‘rental partner’ might become redundant and we will refer to our customers simply as ‘partners.’”