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Soundsphere 110 Page

Soundsphere is launching an economical, high-powered loudspeaker for paging in high-noise environments. Designed specifically for applications where critical announcements need to be both heard and understood, the model 110 Page delivers crystal-clear voice announcements in areas with high ambient noise levels such as transportation hubs; cafeterias and courtyards; athletic facilities; emergency facilities (hospitals, police/fire stations); correctional institutions; amusement parks; warehouses and manufacturing plants; minarets; large tent events; and much more. For applications where OSHA compliance is required, the 110 Page is a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on performance or aesthetics.

Unlike conventional paging horns that deliver harsh, unintelligible sound, the 110 Page leverages Soundsphere's trademark 360-degree horizontal dispersion for superior off-axis response and extremely high intelligibility--even at long distances. The 110 Page offers exceptionally high output (101 dB SPL at AES 2.83 V; max. SPL of 121 dB) in a compact form factor, with a single 11-7/8 inches high loudspeaker covering as much area as four conventional horns. This 4-ohm speaker is powered by a 6-1/2-inch full-range driver boosted by an oversized neodymium-ferrite hybrid magnet system. An optional transformer is available for 25-, 70- and 100-volt systems. The 110 Page is lightweight and easy to install, and it requires no aiming or alignment.

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