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Network Operators have until September 10 to list their services in the first annual Digital Place-Based Network Directory. And if your company is not a Network but a digital signage supplier–hardware or software–you’ll want to encourage your customers that operate networks to list in the Directory.

The new Digital Place-Based Network Directory, to be published in October 2012 along with a new online database to serve the industry, will benefit Digital Place-Based Network Operators, agencies, advertisers, suppliers, and investors. The directory will be distributed at major industry events as well as online and in a mailed print edition. Network Operators can list their company details including markets addressed and service offerings, by logging onto:

There are myriad Digital Place-Based Networks in operation in the U.S. today–over 300 viable networks, and growing in number. These Networks represent the opportunity to connect with the consumer, through multi-site, dynamic digital place-based media networks that carry advertising as part of their content.

“Spending for third-party advertising on ad-based Digital Place-Based Networks currently exceeds $1 billion in North America,” said NewBay Media Executive Editor David Keene, “yet to date there has never been a comprehensive directory to more accurately define the industry and clarify market segments.”

"Digital place-based media has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, both in the number of networks as well as advertiser interest in using those networks to reach on-the-go consumers," said Susan Danaher, president & CEO of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA). "NewBay Media's Digital Place-Based Network Directory will prove to be an invaluable, time-saving resource for anyone interested in the DPb sector."

The DPAA (Digital Place-based Advertising Association) is the Association Sponsor of the Digital Place-Based Network Directory.

“Digital Place-based network operators” said Lyle Bunn, Strategy Architect at Bunn Company, a leading industry expert and consultant who administers a business acceleration program for network operators, “offer unique, proven advertising value and the ability to serve organizations seeking to install and use location-based media for their patron, visitor, staff and student communications.”

The Digital Place-Based Network Directory will categorize the large number of Digital Place-Based Network Operators in North America by category, with contact information for each. The online version of the Directory will link to the Networks. Network Operators can list their company details including markets addressed and service offerings, by logging onto:

(This Directory does not include single-location billboards, static signage, mobile device applications or consumer-owned media devices, displays or networks located at a single location such as a billboard, stadium, campus or corporate center, temporary/event-based signage, or any networks that do not accept advertising. This directory is designed for Ad-based Digital Place-Based Networks only.)

The Digital Place-Based Network Directory will also feature analysis from top industry experts addressing the topics of:

• Metrics for Place-Based Networks

• Experiential Marketing: Reaching consumers when they are most receptive to messaging, with the right media

• The Digital Place-Based Network: Advertising, Merchandising, and Branding–sorting out the buy

• Place-based media in the context of the integrated media buy

• The Network Landscape: Growth in number of operators, or consolidation going forward?

• Case Studies in how Place-Based Media achieved branding or sales goals

The print edition of the Digital Place-Based Network Directory will be distributed at DPAA Summit, Oct. 16, 2012 in New York City, the Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas, February 26-28, 2013, and other industry events. It will also be distributed to Digital Place-Based Network Operators, agencies, advertisers, suppliers, and investors.

For information about advertising in the Digital Place-Based Network Directory, contact Debbie Rosenthal at or 212-378-0473.

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David Keene

Executive Editor, NewBay Media

David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.