SMART kapp Joins AVAD Lineup

SMART kapp Joins AVAD Lineup

AVAD LLC has added SMART kapp, produced by SMART Technologies Inc., to its product lineup. SMART kapp allows users to write, draw, diagram, and brainstorm using an ink marker as they would with a dry-erase board. Multiple users can follow the process in real-time with the whiteboard showing on their digital devices. The work is saved with SMART's software app and then as PDFs or JPEGs for sharing.

  • SMART Technologies created the product with education providers, corporate employees, and innovators in mind. The 42-inch and 84-inch digital dry erase boards, available from AVAD, allow users to write, draw, and capture ideas using dry erase SMART ink markers while enabling them to save work images, documents, and charts.

SMART kapp technology allows users to convert notes and sync onto computers, tablets, and mobile devices. SMART kapp technology is designed for use in schools, meetings, workplaces, studios, conference halls, and hotels.

"SMART kapp has economically transformed the ineffective method of saving dry erase board notes by raising the level of simplicity to operate a digital note board," said Hugh Hughes, director of vendor management and purchasing at AVAD. "We are thrilled to launch this affordable and innovative product that will modernize the way people share data. SMART kapp brings AVAD dealers a new business opportunity to bring to their customers, who will appreciate the ease of using this product and the user experience that integrates with their needs."

SMART kapp apps capture, save, and share content. The free apps (iOS and Android) enable users to pair their tablets or smartphones to a SMART kapp board with a scan of its unique QR code or a tap of its NFC tag. The app activates live web-sharing with up to five users. The SMART kapp PLUS apps, a $19.99 (USD) annual subscription, make sharing easy by hosting up to 250 participants at one time on any browser, in real-time, whether they are near the SMART kapp or working remotely.

SMART kapp snapshots can be saved as PDFs or JPEGs and content can be shared through Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or other storage accounts. The economical SMART kapp hardware, available in both portrait and landscape, is a beautiful piece of design that will work seamlessly at any location where people capture their ideas.

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