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Sennheiser Hosts Free Seminar on K-Array Loudspeakers

  • NASHVILLE, TN--Audio specialist Sennheiser announced that it will host a free seminar on its revolutionary line of K-array loudspeakers. The event, which is part of the Sennheiser Sound Academy training series, will cover how K-array can deliver both cost and space efficiencies in production, rigging, transportation and set up. More importantly, attendees will experience the sound quality K-array speakers are capable of delivering first hand.
  • When:
  • Thursday, September 23
  • 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Where:
  • SoundCheck
  • 750 Cowan Street
  • Nashville, TN 37207-5624
  • Live sound professionals from every industry are encouraged to attend, as the seminar will cover a variety of potential industry applications including:
  • How to invisibly fill boardrooms, museums, corporate events, churches, broadcast studios, and theaters with quality sound
  • How to deliver full, rich sound to a live audience of thousands using a
  • 2-inch-wide PA system
  • How to fill stadiums and arenas with 6-inch-deep line arrays
  • Online registration is strongly suggested. To learn more about the seminar or to register, please visit Sennheiser's event page at