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Sennheiser Certified as Crestron Partner

Sennheiser Certified as Crestron Partner

Sennheiser is a member of Crestron’s “Integrated Partner Program,” enabling both vendors’ products to be integrated into combined solution. Among the compatible products are the TeamConnect family of products, SpeechLine DW, and ADN.

Data can be exchanged easily between systems, such as Sennheiser’s conference solution ADN—here, because control commands are transmitted via TCP/IP, the audio conferencing system’s central unit, the ADN CU1, can be connected easily to one of Cestron’s media controllers. For example, when the talk button on a docking station is pressed, the media controller interprets the transferred information and triggers functions, such as aligning a camera with a speaker.

This device communication naturally works in both directions, meaning that Sennheiser communication stations can accessed remotely via Crestron touchpanels. The user interface is designed to be easy to use, with images of the conference room appearing on the touchpanel’s screen. To simplify programing for the system, developers can use a custom API (“Sennheiser ADN Crestron module”).

Sennheiser’s ceiling microphone TeamConnect Ceiling, which is connected to the TeamConnect Central Unit CU 1, can also be combined with Crestron products.

The audio specialist’s SpeechLine Digital Wireless products are grouped around the “SL Rack Receiver DW,” which comes equipped with RJ45 network connectors. This wireless system is provided with server-based software (“Sennheiser Control Cockpit”) that uses a clearly structured dashboard to enhance ease of use. However, third-party controls can also be added via network connectivity, and the same is also true of the Sennheiser evolution wireless line ew 300 G3.

“Integration is the magic word,” said Jens Werner, portfolio manager, business communication at Sennheiser. "Ensuring that the products made by different manufacturers can communicate with each other is to the customer’s advantage. All important parameters can be accessed and adjusted using one central device. Frequently needed settings can be saved in the form of presets that deliver a desired scenario in the blink of an eye: projection screens can be lowered in conference rooms, projectors can be activated, blinds shut, lights lowered, and the Sennheiser audio conference system switched on ready for the meeting—all with a single touch command.”