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Scheps, Scheiner, Fleischman Say Hear It Like I Hear It

As listeners, we owe a lot to the advancement in digital music production, as it has allowed us to enjoy our favorite bands on the go.

Engineer Elliot Scheiner and Mixer Tom Fleischman discuss their work on the film, The History of the Eagles.

Twenty years ago, the idea of portable music involved a Walkman and tape, and later evolved to the slimmer CD and CD player, but both formats involved lugging around bulky tapes and CDs to have a selection of a few dozen songs.

  • Now, we have the convenience of downloading and streaming digital music to our MP3 player or smart phone, which can carry thousands of songs on one pocket-sized device.

But even with the convenience of portable music, at what expense are we spending to have these files on hand? Award-winning engineer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2) said that while these audio files are convenient, we are also missing pieces of the original song as it is condensed to a smaller file size.

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