SynaudCon Releases 'Sound Reinforcement For Designers' -

SynaudCon Releases 'Sound Reinforcement For Designers'

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SynAudCon has released its 5th web-based audio training course titled "Sound Reinforcement For Designers."

This web-based course covers the fundamentals of loudspeaker selection and placement to achieve acceptable speech intelligibility in reverberant spaces. It is for anyone who selects and places loudspeakers in rooms.

The content paves a logical path from the site survey through the design process, describing and demonstrating what must be considered each step of the way.

"We have computer room-modeling programs to crunch the numbers," said SynAudCon president, Pat Brown. "This course teaches how to think about the room and the complex interaction between it and the loudspeaker."

As with all SynAudCon web-based training, this course consists of 10 online training lessons that includes quizzes to ensure concepts are learned throughout the course. Each lesson also comes with a .pdf of a workbook to use to follow along with the course. And, because it is web-based, materials can be reviewed as many times as needed during the 6 week training period. The course is approved for 20 Renewal Units.

"In the practical world, you have to get in and out quickly, and collect the information you need with minimal setup time and equipment," Brown explained. "I have spent many years involved in the development of efficient, accurate techniques for making room acoustics measurements - and I share these techniques in this course. They will change the way that you perform room/sound system evaluations and system performance verification."

With a goal to shorten the participants' learning curve, the course includes animations, graphics and practical examples of the material. Based on SynAudCon's popular in-person training of the same name, the web-based version provides the flexibility to take and complete the course when convenient for the participant.


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