The Canary in the Retail Coalmine -

The Canary in the Retail Coalmine

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By David Keene

Digital signage for Restaurants is a huge topic. If Retail is the holy grail of Digital Signage, then Restaurants are a huge part of that. And QSR’s (Quick Serve Restaurants) are the “canary in the coal mine” of this world. Customers are in and out, and you have to sell or upsell them fast. Add to that, new legislation and contentious issues surrounding “fast food”, and you have a big marketing challenge.

Those challenges, were addressed by some of the industry’s top thinkers and doers, last Thursday. Lyle Bunn, principal, and Strategy Architect, of Bunn & Company, Richard Ventura, North American Sales Manager– Retail Solutions, at NEC Terry Haley, VP of Marketing at Pei Wei Asian Diner…. Addressed the topic in a Webinar last week. But the good news is: you can still view the archived presentations. Just log onto:

Lyle Bunn, Richard Ventura, and Terry Haley addressed both the logistics of deployment and system design, but also the business/marketing issues you need to get your arms around if you are going to make it in the door to begin with…

On the Logistics side:

• System Design issues

-Menu Boards; Ordering Panels; Pick-Up Counter

-Cross-Selling; Day-Parting

But they also be looked at the larger picture, issues like:

-Addressing new Calorie information requirements

-Brand (HQ) vs. Franchise-driven projects

And don’t miss, the Case Study, outlining a successful Digital Signage solution for Pei Wei Restaurants…. a look from the inside, not from a digital signage provider, but from a top executive at Pei Wei


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