Mobile Display Report (MDR) Released -

Mobile Display Report (MDR) Released

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Insight Media has just published their June 2010 issue of Mobile Display Report (MDR). Highlights from this month’s Mobile Display Report include significant LCoS module development and design changes in the Pico space, reporting greater efficiencies in optics (brighter), display driver electronics (lower power), and resolution breakthroughs (toward WXGA.) Illumination is also progressing in both Laser and LED component developments and this month’s reports include several strategies for tackling speckle and even some new 3D designs. 

Mobile autostereoscopic 3D displays are a hot topic with several demos from top brands like Sharp, Toshiba, Motorola and NEC / Renesas covered in this issue by four different analysts. E-paper is also highlighted this month in several reports from the SID symposium on the progress of color EPH readers (and other new technologies) in this space with some pretty big names (like HP) getting into the game leveraging their knowledge of stacking color from the print industry. Green technology is another focus area in mobile displays this month, with reports providing interesting perspectives across all display areas (LCD, OLED, EPH and Alternatives.) Apple’s latest iPhone4.0 announcement didn’t escape our view either. We give a rundown on why this product will be a hit and with the latest news of 600K units pre-sold on the first day, there’s a good chance we were right.

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