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Philips Appoints Stampede a North American Distributor

Philips Appoints Stampede a North American Distributor
  • Stampede Presentation Products has been appointed to serve as a North American distributor of the Philips Commercial Signage product line through MMD, the exclusive licensee for Philips Commercial Signage and Philips Monitors. The appointment was announced by Craig Rathbun, Sales and Marketing Director for MMD, and Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly.

Stampede will offer a variety of Philips Commercial Signage product solutions including 32-inch through 65-inch LCD, LED, and zero bezel commercial-grade displays as well as accessories to satisfy a range of customer requirements and budgets.

According to Craig Rathbun, “Stampede’s expertise and success in selling digital signage solutions to the commercial market makes us certain that this will be a long and successful partnership. We’re excited to work with Stampede as we continue to expand our reach into the North American market.”

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