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A Conversation with Federico Bausone, Chairman of CEDIA

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Entering his second EXPO as CEDIA chairman of the board, Federico Bausone is anticipating an event that improves on last year’s incremental growth as well as a return to the attendee energy of years past. He took a moment to answer the CEDIA Daily’s questions about this year’s convention, and his plans, personally, wearing the hat as owner of Multisistemas BVC in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico.

Federico Bausone

This year's EXPO theme is "Evolving Technologies in the Integrated Home." Explain what that means as an overarching message to attendees in Denver.

Over the last few years we have seen a period of evolution, not so much revolution. As an example, tablets were a natural evolution from the truly revolutionary smart phone. So over the last few years, we have seen, both from home technology professionals and manufacturers, evolving product offerings that greatly enhance the mobile and IP experience. Whereas in much of the consumer world users have adapted to accepting convenience over quality, CEDIA members have evolved their product offerings to allow both convenience as well as superb quality. As Charles Darwin stated, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” And, in an era of incredibly accelerated change, CEDIA Home technology professionals are on the forefront of adapting and excelling at next-generation electronic lifestyle.

What do you expect from CEDIA being back in Denver this year? 
I expect CEDIA to feel like EXPOs of years past. We are continuing to see growth this year over last, which was also up from its previous year. We are getting a tremendous vibe from the attendees, and I expect a lot of energy. We are to date, up in all areas: attendance, show floor exhibitors, and training. It’s going to be an excellent opportunity to do business, learn, network with your peers, and have fun. It is going to be a fantastic show.

With this being your second EXPO as chairman, how do you expect to experience the show this year vs. last?
I, along with everyone else, am very excited to head to Denver. Business is rebounding for many in the industry and attendees can expect EXPO to be bigger and busier than before.

Wearing your ESC hat, what would you like to see and do at EXPO this year?
This year CEDIA EXPO has over 100 new exhibitors in addition to a large number new product launches, and new product areas such as the New Solutions Village and Rookie Row. I’m looking forward to learning more about what’s up-and-coming and discussing those new solutions and technologies with my team post-EXPO.

For those who still think of CEDIA as just EXPO, how do make the case for joining the association?
We have a renewed effort in training, we will have 18 new online classes completed by the end of this year, and will continue developing new online content in 2014. In addition we will also be increasing local face-to-face training and certification events across the U.S. and Canada starting in October of this year. A little over one year ago, CEDIA unveiled a brand-new consumer-facing web presence that has taken the industry by storm. Designed for the homeowner, architect, interior designer, and builder, this site is full of ever changing content and profile stories created to increase awareness of our industry and to drive business to our members. Ultimately, our goal is to make membership in CEDIA mean something.


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